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Sorting through wedding trends is quite the task! Do you turn to the busy boards of Pinterest for inspiration? Or perhaps to the countless blog posts on wedding planning sites?

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you! Not only have we combed the internet for the latest trends, but we’ve done so many weddings (over 400 just last year!) that we’ve seen it all! Plus, we just got done with two fantastic rounds of Today’s Bride wedding shows in both Akron and Cleveland and are filled with inspiration!

After combing through the 2018 trends, one theme rang clear: personalization! It’s no longer just about monogrammed cocktail napkins or quirky party favors. It means embracing what makes a couple unique and expressing that through the wedding. Brides and grooms are putting a spin on old traditions and looking at alternative entertainment, venues, favors, and food. Here’s a breakdown of a few of our favorite wedding trends for 2018:

The Great, Green Indoors

According to The Knot, couples are focusing on what “vibe” they want for their celebration, as opposed to singular themes or colors. Specifically, this may mean exploring venues that are unique to the couple. Picturesque, outdoor nuptials were everywhere in 2017. But now, couples are looking to indoor spaces with high ceilings, open spaces, and creative potential. What a great way to mimic the airy quality of the outdoors (without the weather-related headaches)! Big concert goers? Consider renting an old music hall! Meet in a bar? How about wheeling a bar car into a warehouse venue?! We love the vintage Airstream option from our friends at Happy Camper! Environmentally conscious? Consider a sustainable venue like the newly opened Trailhead in Akron!

Happy Camper Bar Car

Photo courtesy of Happy Camper Bar Car

Speaking of green…While we may see less outdoor weddings this year, we will still see quite a bit of nature. Greenery is top on the list of decorative elements! Think fresh cut foliage wrapping the bar, potted plants lining the aisle, and suspended plant arrangements.

RTH Insight: Want to save money and plant life? Consider using projection mapping to cast flowers, vines, and tree patterns on the walls or ceiling! It can transform any room into a whimsical wonderland. Perfect, considering rustic is on its way out and “woodsy” is in!

Rock The House Flower Gobo Projection

Image courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive

Color and Texture

Not the woodsy type? Let bold dramatic colors and textures help guide your décor decisions. Couples are experimenting with assorted styles for their linens and even mixing up their tabletop options. Need some inspiration? Our friends at L’Nique Specialty Linen Rental know how to craft a striking tablescape. Just look at this masterpiece they created for the Today’s Bride I-X Center Show!

L'Nique Today's Bride Tablescape

Image courtesy of L’Nique & Mystic Image

Smaller Party, Big Entertainment

With a personal approach also comes more intimacy. Some couples are choosing smaller bridal parties or guest lists, which saves money in the budget for other unique elements. Maybe that means a shorter reception for everyone and a raging after party for the merrymaking crowd. Experts from Martha Stewart to top wedding planners agree: it’s all about the after party. Plus, a late-night bash gives you the opportunity to rebrand the party – perfect for the couple who couldn’t choose between themes or wants a balance between formal and fun!

Champagne Shower by too much awesomeness

Image courtesy of too much awesomeness

RTH Insight: When you hire Rock The House to DJ your wedding, you get your DJ/MC team for the entire night! That means if the reception is raging, we keep the party going as long as you want!

While an after party is a great way to entertain the late-night crowd, creative entertainment options for the reception are also BIG in 2018. According to The Knot, “as couples move away from providing favors and takeaways, they’re focused on creating the most memorable experience for guests, with entertainment taking the main stage.” Couples are booking live performers, roaming sketch artists, and other interactive activities.

Rock The House Wedding PinballPhoto courtesy of Making the Moment

One wedding staple that’s still a hit? The photo booth! This wedding essential is here to stay. But consider mixing it up and branch out from classic booths and tired backdrops.

RTH Insight: Our Mirror or Green Screen photo booth options allow guests to sign their photo, add graphics and emojis, or change up the backdrop. We can even create custom step and repeat backdrop graphics to make your wedding like a red carpet affair!

Green Screen Photo Booth with Cavs Imagery

Photo courtesy of the Rock The House Photo Archive

Want Rock The House to make your dream wedding a reality? Contact our team of event professionals today to see what we can do for you!


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